Community engagement update: September 2020


Over the past month, the Mobile Access North Yorkshire project has started its community engagement with key stakeholders within the areas in which the project has identified as having a lack of mobile coverage. The meetings have involved County Council Divisional Councillor as well as discussions with Richmondshire District Council Planning Authority, the North Yorkshire Dales Planning Authority and MPs.

In the last few weeks, the project has started conversations with the Town and Parish Councils, introducing the project aims, highlighting the key vision of working with the communities to understand their needs and develop solutions in partnership. This has included meetings with: Leyburn Town Council; Middleham Town Council; Melmerby Parish Council, West Witton, Parish Council and Carlton Parish Council – all of which have been positive and hopefully we have answered any questions communities have had. Following on from these discussions Parish and Town Councils are in conversation with residents about being part of the project and a number have come forward to begin initial discussions with the project. Future planned meetings will take place in the coming weeks to ensure the project develops an open and honest dialogue with all areas concerned.

Alongside this, conversations with other organisations and businesses, which may benefit from connectivity improvements, are taking place. This, again, allows the project to hear their thoughts, knowledge and ideas as to how digital inclusion will help economically, as well as with social inclusions.

The project is committed to keeping communities up to date with the stages of the project giving regular updates via the MANY website and social media platforms. However, if you would like to get updates straight to your email address please subscribe to our newsletter.

Furthermore, if you would like to get more involved by telling your story about how a lack of connectivity affects your life or by testing the technology find out more about the MANY project.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.