5G – connecting the most challenging locations

 It seems that being unconnected from 5G will become a major disadvantage, says Neil Mabbott, a Middleham resident who preaches across Coverdale who has over 45 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry.

I’ve heard said that “it’s always been like this’ and ‘we survived before”? Yet in today’s world, this should not be accepted – by anyone.

Being lucky to live in a beautiful place should no longer be an excuse for being denied access to any network. Thankfully, connectivity for the most is good; however, “most”, is not good enough. Getting disconnected from a business meeting is unacceptable and upsetting. 5G can change everything by offering a reliable and robust network.

Recently I heard some of the disadvantages of people living without connectivity – surprising disadvantages that, for some, have become the norm.

Statistics show that some industries are “accident prone”, one being farming (HSE report 2019/20) – a big Dale’s industry: many farmers are totally alone without mobiles. Try having no connection to the emergency services. No first-responder because without mobile connectivity – how can you react quickly?

Dale’s residents often have to travel over 90 minutes to the ‘local’ hospital or out of hours Doctors. Wouldn’t it be easier to be able to have initial appointments over the phone or even better by video?

5G can provide these opportunities to the most challenging locations. Not only connecting residents but also giving a secure network for every emergency service. Without it – it is easy to forget that all are disconnected.

I mentioned in my first blog that there are people alone, whether by choice or through employment, 5G offers huge advantages – improving lives and safety – these are basic demands everyone should expect.

By interchanging the topic to “security” the benefits can be seen. The instant interconnectivity between every IoT (Internet of Things) allows technology to automatically activate. Instant warnings, for example, will be sent when there are situations of abnormality. Even on the darkest distant roads. Allowing safety, security and support.

Sometimes it takes some fantastic innovation to show how lives can instantly be changed for the better!

Written by. Neil Mabbott. A resident of Middleham and telecommunications expert with 45 year’s experience.