Coverdale residents continue to offer insight into direction of MANY’s 5G network

A huge thank you to the residents of Coverdale who came to the Connect Futures Mobile Access North Yorkshire event, which was held at The Saddle Rooms last week.Connected Futures Mobiles Access North Yorkshire event

Fifty-three residents from across the area and offered their own ideas into how 5G and improved connectivity could support the lives of rural areas.

Supported by information from other 5G Testbed and Trial project, MANY gave an insight into how 5G is used throughout the country. It, also, provided residents the opportunity to talk to the project team and outside organisations such as Leyburn GP Surgery and Parallax – a digital agency providing Internet of Things (IOT) sensors – who are supporting two of the four use cases. The council, also, highlighted how the MANY project fits into the wider North Yorkshire digital and mobile strategy.

This informed residents of the potential opportunities and gave them a forum to offer ideas and improvements to existing plans to ensure the 5G network worked for them. This included how better connectivity could support the live monitoring of horses from the racing community; local insight into roads that flood; current ways residents monitor community water plants; and how 5G could support farmers keep a health check of their livestock.

Representatives from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) – part funders of the project – also, visited the area; the first since the project was announced. This visit gave them the chance to see first-hand the projects location as well as gain an understanding how a lack of connectivity affects the lives of our rural communities.

Feedback from this event – alongside all other engagement– will form technical solutions and national suggestions to ensure 5G works for North Yorkshire residents now and into the future.