Digital connectivity – available for everyone

This year our lives have been turned upside down and have moved, in the majority, online. In towns and cities, where there is a reliable broadband and 4G data network this transition happened successfully.  However, in the North Yorkshire Dales, some areas have struggled. With its rolling hills and stunning landscapes, residents – of which I am one – feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Yet it is with its problems and digital infrastructure is one!

In towns, people expect their home to be a central hub – of business and family – joined up around the world – being able to see the faces of their loved ones via the internet – in real time. Even residents in some of North Yorkshire’s larger villages, modern communication enables them to access video calling to connect with Doctors because of their 4G phone signal.

Yet, some residents of the Dales have to go and stand on a hill to get a mobile signal just to send a text!

Digital connectivity can bring so many things to so many people; however, there is now a directly negative impact to those who have little or no connectivity. Young or old, being disconnected is a problem; this is important.

Simply, connectivity has the ability to unite us via the World Wide Web. However, this has allowed many other possibilities to emerge, aiding amazing innovation, all of which use everyday electronics. Importantly, the move to 5G can enhance and improve life, business, education and sustainability through intelligent connections providing us with: intelligent security; environmental regulation and monitoring; power supply and even cleaning – the possibilities are endless through IoT – Internet of Things.

Without good digital connections, access to some services and products are denied. This can have a negative impact on all those concerned. Working/ living alone or just not being able to connect with others can present significant issues wherever we find ourselves.

A digital infrastructure represents a first step away from isolation to integration.  It is possible and should be available for all. This is just the start, there is so much more, I’ll explain later.

Written  by, Neil Mabbott. A resident of Middleham and telecommunications expert