Enhancing and supporting the next generation via 5G

‘Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation, rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development’. Not my quote, says Neil Mabbot, Coverdale resident who at 16 turned to the Army learning his trade with the Royal Signals, but Kofi Annan’s.

The UK education system enables all of us to partake no matter who we are: everyone is entitled. However, people engage differently. Some people need more help or information. In the home, broadband can support this – offering a variety of different platforms allowing students to develop understanding – broader, faster, slower – 5G live presentations can enhance this: offering efficient ways to present detailed information via your television. Yet, on a more basic level, no one should be at a disadvantage because they live in a rural area – this year has shown just how important reliable and robust connectivity is.

However, outside of the home, 5G – in the mobile sense – can offer something more.

Many do not fit into the normal learning parameters; I for one struggled, often needing something else to make it understandable. Imagine bringing to life history, science, the environment via virtual reality and live streaming. Being able to watch the changing landscape of the Dales through the Ages whilst stood in the modern day – understanding whilst experiencing. Amazing technological advances have the ability to bring to life a textbook. Enhancing classroom study. Supporting those who were once forgotten because they struggled with the traditional style.

Rural areas – not just the home – being digitally connected offers this in abundance – how someone learns or where they live shouldn’t stop them from fulfilling their potential. I’ve witnessed first-hand what connectivity outside of the norm can do. It shouldn’t be dismissed.

Connectivity offers everyone information. Knowledge is gained by ensuring all sides of the story are researched, understood, checked and reviewed. All can be done via a device. Surprising what you find.

5G, like our children, is next generation. Young people want – expect – connectivity wherever they are.

Should rural areas be forgotten – left in the past – because they don’t offer what the next generation want?

Author: Neil Mabbott, Middleham resident who has over 45years experience in the telecommunications industry and sits on the British Standards Institution independent board for Health and Safety.

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