Generating new ideas and innovation through social engagement

Through social engagement, Mobile Access North Yorkshire has been driven forward to explore new opportunities. This offers 5G the chance to make an economic and social difference to rural residents.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) 5G Testbed and Trials initiative has used early engagement to give the projects technical partners the chance to understand the needs of a community. Whilst giving a unique look at how rural areas live and work whilst understanding how connectivity can support their future aspirations to funders.

This work has resulted in MANY evaluating the needs of specific rural businesses. Learning from the community of its potential to be scaled up or adapted for different sectors.

One example of this happening is as follows.

Middleham and Coverdale is renowned for its racehorse trainers – with thirteen based in or around the area. These trainers have produced over four hundred winners each year for the past thirty-eight years. Yet, this is not a North Yorkshire centric industry – it is replicated throughout the UK and world in rural areas.

Using insight from businesses learnings were gained about how horses are trained – typically away from their stables on large flat land called Gallops. An obvious and significant priority for all trainers is the welfare of their riders and horses. Yet – at times – a horse and rider cane become separated, for example, when falls occur.

Bringing these learnings, the MANY technical team has been able to provide an 5G solution which could help create and improve an effective response based on ‘on the ground’ knowledge.

Generating this – and many other – ideas has given the MANY project ‘on the ground’ knowledge and has allowed the community to use their expertise to drive forward the project. All of which would not have happened if it were not for the social engagement with residents.

Do you use social engagement within your project? How was it helped or has it hindered? If you don’t, do you think it would have benefitted your project?

Attend our discussion event based on our recent report: The importance of social engagement in putting 5G infrastructure in place , we would be interested in hearing the views, experiences and opinions of other digital infrastructure projects.

Date: Thursday 15th July                                         Time: 2pm till 4pm

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