Mobile Access North Yorkshire collaborates with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

The Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) project are providing several Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) the chance to carry out in field-testing using their 5G Stand Alone trial network, via lead technical partners: Quickline Communications.OEM collaboration

Quickline are in the final stages of delivering connectivity in North Yorkshire with the ultimate aim to connect Coverdale, a rural community in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, which is currently limited by a lack of mobile signal and sporadic broadband. 

Whilst testing the N77 Shared Access Band close to Quickline’s headquarters in Hull, access has been provided to OEMs, so that they can test their User Equipment (UE), on what is thought to be one of the only working trial sites in the world. Working with international manufacturers gives the MANY project the opportunity to be at the forefront of functionality, ironing out bugs to ensure it is fit for purpose as roll out nears. This approach also provides manufacturers with the experience of how their equipment works in the field rather than in a Lab.

Paul Howard, Technical Director at OEM D-Link explains: “Having access to the Quickline real-world network for testing has enabled D-Link to ensure our 5G CPE and ODU devices perform with greater throughput and stability which will, in turn, enable Quickline to deliver outstanding High-Speed Internet to customers who have suffered from poor connectivity for too long. Testing in the field on a real 5G SA network has afforded our R&D teams to gain a more comprehensive understanding of real live impacts and given us great insights on requirements for our current and future 5G product portfolio, making sure D-Link continue to be one of the industry leaders in 5G end devices.”

This partnership means all of those involved including Cablefree – who are providing the radio equipment – are gaining a mutual benefit whilst residents will be guaranteed a high performing network when it goes live.