MANY project provides new opportunity for WiSDM software upgrades

WISDM software – owned and developed by Mobile Access North Yorkshire partners Wireless Coverage – has been benefiting the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) project by identifying the best locations for masts to give the maximum coverage with minimal visual impact.

WiSDM Beam Optimiser

However, due to its involvement in the project, the software has been developed and the business is now talking with several equipment manufacturers as a possible planning tool for global networks.

The upgrades came about when as technical lead partners – Quickline Communications – continued testing of the network, it became clear that challenges existed between deploying the radios and antennas in exactly the right direction and angle – once locations had been found.

The team found that if not ‘aimed’ appropriately, the coverage or signal quality and speeds became compromised. The Wireless Coverage team took on the challenge to find a solution and developed the WISDM Beam Optimiser feature. This allows planners to select antennas, and it automatically rotate them through 360 degrees and precisely measures its coverage in each direction and at different tilt angles.

David Burns, CEO of Wireless Coverage explains ‘the Beam Optimiser identifies the sweet spot in terms of the main direction and any antenna tilt in order to ensure maximum coverage. This can involve hundreds of millions of line of sight calculations and WISDM achieves this in near real time’.

The features – which are believed to be the worlds-first – will help reduce the risks and cost of deploying 5G networks by ensuring the minimum number of assets are needed to cover the maximum area or properties and extract the maximum value of investment.

David continues ‘these features have been identified and developed on the back of the MANY project. We have now been selected by NVIDIA for their Global Inception Partner Programme and have the first working prototype of AI/ML Surface Mapping data generator. This is suitable for international expansion of WISDM into countries where no LIDAR data exists or is prohibitively expensive’.