The MANY project is made up of a consortium of organisations ranging from mobile and digital technology specialists; software development; universities and the County Council, backed by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

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University of York

University of York was founded in 1963 and now has approximately 15000 students across 30 academic departments. Key personnel come from the Communication Technologies Research Group (CommTech), which is part of the Department of Electronic Engineering.  They are also members of the Centre for High Altitude Platform Applications (CHAPA).  CommTech is made up of over 70 staff and postgraduate research students and has an international reputation in wireless communications, and extensive international connections.  CommTech’s relevant focus is the development of wireless communications for challenging environments. Application areas include 5G ultra-high capacity density systems, high altitude platforms and underwater networks. CHAPA is a joint venture between Depts of Electronic Engineering, Chemistry, Environment and Geography, and provides a vehicle for developing interdisciplinary research, applications and trials using aerial platform technology.  Over many years CommTech has performed wireless communications trials from aerial platforms, including with its Helikite testbed, along with the development of low-cost light weight payloads.  In 2018, York won the EMEA National Instrument’s Engineering Impact Award in the Wireless Communications Category for its Low Altitude Helikite Wireless Testbed.  Commtech has been responsible for organising the IEEE ISWCS 2010 conference, and numerous workshops attached to main topflight conferences, including IEEE ICC and IEEE GLOBECOM.

Quickline Communications Ltd

Superfast Internet Anywhere

Quickline Communications Ltd deliver fast reliable internet connectivity to Business, Public Sector and Residential customers via an independent Fibre and Fixed Wireless Access network, alongside our partner networks.

Our infrastructure means we can deliver high speed reliable solutions to both urban and rural locations, supported by our own highly skilled engineers.


North Yorkshire County Council

North Yorkshire County Council provides services across the whole county – stretching from Scarborough on the North Sea coast to Bentham in the west and from the edge of Teesside to south of the M62 – and understand the importance of local services. The Council’s vision and values are to: provide leadership; enable individuals, families and communities to do the best for themselves, and to ensure the delivery of a high quality services. The Council’s five ambitions for 2024 are:

·         Leading for North Yorkshire;

·         Every child and young person has the best possible start in life;

·         Every adult has a longer, healthier and independent life;

·         North Yorkshire is a place with a strong economy and a commitment to sustainable growth, and

·         Innovative and forward thinking Council


Cybermoor 5G Services is a social enterprise based in Alston Moor, Cumbria, providing innovative digital services to rural areas. It is supporting Quickline in the co-ordination of the MANY project.


Flo-culture is an audience development and app production company. We help organisations in the arts, heritage and tourism sectors exploit mobile technologies to improve their visitor experiences, increase audiences and grow revenues.

We are specialists in using GPS and AR-powered interactions to deliver engaging, interactive and personalised visitor experiences.

We believe in the power of discovery to enhance lives and living, and we work to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to use mobile technologies to discover more.

Wireless Coverage

Wireless Coverage is the organisation behind WISDM technology. WISDM is the world’s most powerful and accurate wireless modelling system. WISDM’s GPU-accelerated hardware core can perform high resolution modelling of millimetre-wave 5G and Fixed Wireless transmitters in real time, over thousands of kilometers. WISDM was selected for the MANY project to create accurate and dynamic maps for the design team to ensure that the best coverage possible has been targeted to the areas of North Yorkshire with the greatest need.

Lancaster University

Part of the work that the MANY project is doing is to monitor and evaluate what works in connected rural communities. Lancaster University brings together expertise in monitoring and evaluating connectivity equipment and in monitoring and evaluation how this equipment actually improves the lives of people in these rural communities: we are bring these experts together in this project to help support the socio-economic flourishing of our communities in this truly beautiful and much cared for part of the UK.

Safenetics Limited

SafeNetics develop solutions for Secure and Trustworthy Information Exchange. We live in an increasingly connected world with societal challenges affecting us through both our physical and online worlds.

Mobile connectivity is essential for our social life and our business. There is a growing adoption of mobile communication to support our critical infrastructures and critical response to disaster, crime and terrorism.SafeNetics work internationally with governments, industry and academia to bring a common understanding of innovation needs and solutions; bringing research outcomes, though innovation, towards trusted deployed usage.

SafeNetics capability within the MANY project leverages international work on the deployment of Mission Critical mobile broadband for Public Safety. This includes innovative adoption of 5G mobile standards to provide secure trustworthy mission critical mobile communication for the Emergency Services.


aql is a global company with its heart firmly beating from the centre of Leeds. Founded in 1998 by Professor Adam Beaumont, trusted communications provider specialising in secure and reliable wholesale access to fixed and mobile networks for government, enterprise and innovators. 

The company is responsible for voice services and numbering for over 100 million telephone numbers for UK ISPs, routes millions of SMS text messages per day and operates a heavily connected national network. aql also owns and operates four highly secure carrier neutral datacentre sites within the UK.

aql’s mission is to power a connected society by providing high quality solutions that enable communications between cities, communities, people and businesses. It strives to make communication easy and accessible for all organisations to embrace the challenges a new digital World creates.

aql’s group also includes a fully licensed Mobile Network Operator, providing 5G as a Service to innovators, testbeds and specialist environments.

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